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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Two different Rings From Wish App

One type of fashion I enjoy wearing are rings. I have many rings in my collection. I tend to have two different sizes. A size 8 1/2 and a size 9. At times my fingers will swell where the size 8 1/2 will be too tight. I will wear the size 9 at this point. The ring was bought by my boyfriend through a phone app called "Wish". When I first shared the photo of my ring a few months ago on Facebook, someone made a comment that it was from a cracker jack box. That comment hurt. As I think the ring is pretty. I didn't care if my boyfriend spent a $1 or $300 on the ring. It was from him and I found it beautiful. What made it more endearing to me was the fact I should him a picture of this same ring on "Wish" and he bought it for me. I brushed the ugly comment off. As it doesn't matter anyone thinks of the ring but me. As I am the one who will wear it.
I bought this ring off of "Wish" for myself. AS I have always wanted a ring that looks like this since the first time I have seen them. At that time prices were in the high hundreds. Something I could not touch in my price range. I waited till I found a reasonable price and purchased this one. I notice the price has come down even more on "Wish". Lol, I am always afraid to wait till the price goes to low. As many times they will be out of my sizes. Wish does have cheap products. Plus, ones that look expensive. Like with anything you buy online that has many sellers or merchants. Sometimes you can find a gem inside a rock if you look hard enough. Have you purchased anything off the "Wish" app?


  1. I think both of the rings are beautiful. I've heard people talking about the Wish App but have never looked at it. I don't have the extra money to spend anyway. Not even $1 right now.

  2. I need to check this place out. I love both of those rings!

  3. Those are beautiful rings. I have not heard about this Wish app. Thanks for the heads up


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