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Saturday, February 11, 2017

You Can Eat Healthy And Have A Sandwich Too

Many people tend to add unhealthy fattening stuff to their sandwiches. Why because it tastes good. I know I was one of those people for the longest time. As long as it tasted good. I didn't care if it was healthy for me or not. Till I found seven ways I could make the sandwich healthy and keep eating it.

1. Eat smaller sandwiches. When eating out, go for sliders instead of big burgers. Too many toppings add on calories.
2. Choose lean protein choices. Like tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey.
3. Add on vegetables or fruits. Instead of bacon, different types of cheese and fried onions.
4. Try adding whole grains to your diet. Instead of other bread that can be high in calorie and sugars.
5. Choose low-fat condiments or spreads on your sandwich. Low-fat mayo with olive oil, light mustard or hummus. A slice of avocado will do wonders will moisture and calories low.
6. Stay away from the processed packaged meat and cold cuts. Which are high in calorie, fat and salts.
7. Steer away from grilled or fried sandwiches. As they add calories and fat intake. Instead go for toasted bread or buns instead.

I will leave you will a video from the Grains Food Foundation.
Or you can always check out the video that is available below this post. You will want to sing along too.


  1. I like to add tomatoes and pickles to mine...of course ketchup is great too.....but yes it is best to limit to keep it healthy.

    1. Tomatoes and pickles go with just about any sandwich too.

  2. We love using avocado and mustard on our burgers instead of mayo. This is a nice list of tips. I'm pinning it to my life after low carb board.

    I love your new look, by the way.

  3. Replies
    1. I love avocado on sandwiches. I recently switched to using them and wish I had years ago.

  4. I've used whole grain rolls for years. What I like to do is use a tangy mustard (not honey mustard) instead of mayo, ditch the cheese (I know, heresy!) and pile on the veggies, especially tomatoes when they are in season.

    1. Yes, doing without the cheese or switching to one like swiss is better in the long run.

  5. Remove the bun and eat the vegetables and meat omly.

  6. Köszönöm a hasznos tanácsokat.Én nem élek ilyen ételeken.Jobban szeretem a zöldségeket és a főzelékeket.

  7. Make you own at home, you know exactly how it is prepared and what you are eating. Wash vegetables and fruits before eating, you never know what happens from the farm to the store.

  8. I love building sandwiches at Subway where I load them with all kinds of healthy items.


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