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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekend Follow Up #2

This is a follow up of all the blog posts I have created for the past week in case you missed one. I would like to do this weekly. I write on a variety of subjects. As I have three places I currently write at. Obviously, one place is on this blog Rusty2rusty's Chatter. Second place is my blog called Food With A Plan. The third place I write at is Niume

Here are the blog posts from 
2/5/2017 through 2/11/2017

Roast Beets And Baby Greens - Sharing a recipe for a salad with roasted beets and baby greens. 

 30 Romantic Gestures - Are wanting to put some spark back in your love life? Or show your loved one you do really care and love them? I share thirty different gestures to do so.

Cottage Cheese With A Twist - I share a recipe where I add more ingredients to a dish of cottage. come check out what I would add. 

Wordless Wednesday 2/8/2017 - I show off my photography taken in Florida. From nature to the local wildlife.

How To Make A Healthy Sunflower Crunch Salad - The tells all. What else can I say besides you might learn a thing or two that can be added to a salad for more flavor.

Have You Felt The Spark With A Kiss? - I share when you go on a date, rules for dating and when I felt the first spark. 

Can Eat Healthy And Have A Sandwich Too  - I share seven ways you can eat healthy and a sandwich. No need to throw away the bread.

I hope you enjoyed my second "Weekend Follow Up" post. I invite all my readers to leave your latest blog post link in the comments with a short description. If you leave a link, please check out someone else's link if you have time. This is my way of bringing blogger's together to meet each other. I will visit yours.



  1. Was unable to locate the recipe with the beets and greens -- which is too bad, as it looks and sounds scrumptious!

  2. I enjoyed all of these shares very much -- though disappointed to find some of them missing (most available). For instance, I would love to know how you dress up your cottage cheese, as I do a lot of that myself...


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