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Saturday, September 24, 2016

4 Free Kindle Books

Today, you can get four of the following Kindle books free. Grab them all while you can. After today, you will have to buy them. Click on each photo of the book you want to go straight to Amazon to download. or use the buy button feature that is available under the books cover.

When Ren Miller mother dies, she searches for her estranged father. She discovers he owns a boxing studio and a mystery fighter named Ash!

Rebel biker, a lady at a gentlemen's club, and a rouge wolf on the loose, what move suspense could you ask for?

This is an historical romance lady Katherine proposes to a Duke as she tries to get out of an arranged marriage.

Jessica cares for her ailing aunt as she tries to mend her broken heart. Can she do that at the same time her ex-fiance is working on the house? Upon finding a box in the attic filled with family secrets, Jessica starts to question everything she knows. 

I hope you enjoy reading these books. 

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