Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Earn While Blogging With Blogjob

Blogjob is officially open to accepting new membership. Blogjob is a website where you can earn while blogging and interacting with others. If you join under me. Please let me know : http://blogjob.com/?ref=rusty2rusty

Please be aware, the website is being transferred to new servers. The website will experience periods of downtime through today and tonight. If you have trouble joining. Please be patient and try again at a later time.

I would not wait long to sign up. Sign ups go fast before they close for new members again. Once membership closes. it will be a long time before opening again.

Blogjob pays its members with in hours of them cashing out. I have been paid every month by Blogjob since I have started blogging on the website. I usually go for the Amazon codes. Others go for paypal or other options of cashing out. As points add up fast.

You earn by points by creating a blog, blog posts, and many more.

I have several blogs on Blogjob. These are the blogs I update the most with new blog posts.

Rusty2rusty's Chatter : I post controversial content here. plus, anything i don't have another blog for. http://blogjob.com/rusty2rustyschatter/ Food With A Plan : I post about food, how I save money buying or receiving food and recipes while living on a budget. I try to add a healthy spin to all my recipes. Since i am a type two diabetic. http://blogjob.com/foodwithaplan/ Creative writing : This is where I share my creative writing, writing challenges I partake in, and any lists I make. http://blogjob.com/creativewriting/

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