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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Recall On Rabbit Pellets

MFA Incorporated issued a recall on rabbit feed pellets : both in bulk and bagged. Due to excessive sodium in Missouri.

The lot numbers are : 214865, 216032, and 217178. Plus, 213802 of bagged MFA 16% rabbit pellets, 213877, 216427,217549 of MFA 17 % rabbit pellets. Between Jan 15th and march 1st of this year, MFA recalled bulk rabbit feed with the lot numbers : 213207, 213898, 214890, 217243, 218665, and 218666. 


The company learned of the issue after consumers complained of illness and death in their pets and livestock.

Consumers are asked to stop feeding any rabbit with these lot numbers and to take the feed bag to the feed stores they bought the feedback.

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