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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Having a religion does not give you the right to stomp on another person's religion

I was reading an article titled "Complaint says crosses at Catholic school offensive, prevents Muslim prayers". The one thing I love about the United States is the verse of religion groups out there. You respect other religions rights and do not go out of your way to step on them for your own gain.

However, this article clearly shows some Muslims have joined a Catholic school and trying to push their religion by stepping on the Catholics religion. Finding offense with the Catholic cross.

The one thing people need to realize no matter what religion you are, if you enroll your children in a Catholic school. There will be Catholic rituals, items, and rules. The people have the right to transfer to another school that is not offensive. Or better yet create more schools for the Muslim religion. Instead of trying to stomp on another religion.

Being religious does not give you the right to stomp on other religions, practices, or symbols. If you find offense with them. Move on. Quit trying to change things to your religion. This is America, the land of religious freedom.

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