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Friday, April 17, 2015


Wind is something we feel when a breeze flows through the air. It can be a gently feeling as the wind flows through or hair. Or violent destruction from the wind of a tornado or a hurricane.

I thought I would share a couple songs I like that talks about the "wind". I am not sure how to embed Youtube videos in to blogger. So, I will share the links.

1. Wind beneath my wings by Beaches

If you listen to this song, make sure you have tissues handy.

2. Candles in the wind by Elton John

3. Wind of Change by Scorpions

This song has always spoke to me.

4. In the air tonight by Phil Collins

Phil Collins is a very talented musician who can play multiple instruments. I would listen to this song when I was having a bad day.

5. Dust in the wind by Kansas

6. She's like the wind by Patrick Swayze

Many people don't realize Patrick Swayze could not only act but sing as well. Sad to know such a talented man died early from a disease.

Challenge : Write about breeze, wind or air

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