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Friday, March 27, 2015

Memories Of Family Gatherings

I think about Easter coming up. It is a joyous holiday I am getting prepared to celebrate with my family. I will make a small meal, nothing spectacular. As it will only be my kids and my boyfriend being fed. I will spoil the canines as well.

I sit back and think of how it came down to not having a holiday dinner with my extended family. I do on my dad's side of the family. However, not on my mom's. I have forgiven the people who thought it was a big joke to get drunk.

Who tried to start a family fight by bringing an estranged husband in to a mix, accusing someone of things that never happen that could of caused my estranged husband to try and take custody of my children.

I have forgiven the people for trying to slander and cause problems with my boyfriend business he had just started.

I may have forgiven, however, I have not forgotten the pain or harm they could have caused. I have since refuse to speak to any person who was involved in the mess. Family or friend. In my eyes someone who wants to cause you pain, to lose your children, or business which helps to give means to provide for your children is not someone I would want to call a family or friend.

This Easter I plan to rejoice in the Lord my God's name and his son Jesus. I plan to celebrate it with my family who loves each other and wishes no harm but the best for my family.

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