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Monday, March 9, 2015

Meatless Monday March 9th

Another meatless Monday. Being cooped up in your home without out a vehicle of able to get a ride makes it hard to create healthy meals when you run out of things. The best I can do is improvise and do my best.

Tonight's meatless Monday meal included :
Diced purple onions
Diced yellow bell peppers
Sliced potatoes

I am starting to run out of fresh veggies. As I finished the mushrooms up for lunch. 

Lunch was a mixture of :

Scrambled eggs
Yellow bell peppers

Both meals turned out yummy! I was able to have plenty of fresh veggies. I wasn't feeling to well. I took a nap after the kids got home from school. Rascal the pup crawled right up in bed with me, snuggled up under my chin and stayed with me the whole time. 

Now his rambunctious self is ready to play at 10:30 pm. The other dogs want no part of it.

All photos were taken by and belong to rusty2rusty.

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