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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dagdas harp

Photo from Pixabay

Dagda's harp is another Irish myth. A harp was own by a high priest named Dagda. her harp was stolen during a  war with a rival tribe. The harp was placed in an abandoned castle.

Dagda found the harp by calling to it, as he followed the tribe. Dagda struck the chords of the harp as it came to him. It proceeded to let out tears of music. Which made everyone in the castle cry.

The next chord Dagda struck caused all the warriors to laugh. It was the Music of Mirth.

The final stroke of the chords by Dagda causing everyone to fall asleep but him. Music of sleep was played by the harp. When everyone fell asleep, it allowed Dagda to escape unharmed with the harp.

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