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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Persona paper - Writing Site

I signed up for another writing site about 6 months ago or so. Like I promised, I am sharing the link if the site is still up, running, and paying members. 

The admins are right on helping out if they see you made a mistake. That way you have a chance to correct it. The membership is low. But growing strong. 

The members are very friendly. 

Make sure you read the rules, terms of service and site privacy policy before posting. As with all sites, not all run the same.

The one thing I noticed about this site I really like. When sharing a photo not your own, one from a free sharing site. You must share the url link of the photo in full. If it is yours, you must say mine in that area. Otherwise your post will not go through.

Hope to see you soon. When you do, look me up. I am rusty2rusty.

Photo created using an online photo editor called Muzy. Photo belongs to rusty2rusty.

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