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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Black and White Challenge

I decided to take the Black and White Challenge. From what I understand I need to tell the what / who, where, when, Why I chose the photo, and challenge another member to take this challenge.
I am not sure who all have taken the challenge. So, if I call someone out who has already taken the challenge, I will apologize in advance. Being called out for the challenge does not mean you have to partake in the challenge either. It is all for fun.
Who or what : The photo is of my daughter playing with our dogs and a friends dogs in the snow last year. I have a black and white feature on my camera.
Where : It was taken out in my backyard.
Why the pic was chosen : I chose the photo because my area has not been hit with a ton of snow yet this year. You can see by the photo last year my area was dumped on.
Challenge : Take a black and white photo. Tell us about the photo. What, where, when, why, and who
Photo taken by and © belongs to rusty2rusty

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