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Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Beautiful Sight Challenge

Today, I want to issue another photo challenge. As I love taking photos.
The challenge : To share a photo of a beautiful sight. Write about the photo and describe why you think it is a beautiful sight. The photo can be anything you find beautiful.
If you take this challenge, please leave a link in the comments area. That way I can read it.
That way I can find it and check out your beautiful sight.
I chose to share a photo of sunflowers after it snowed in my backyard.
I think it is a beautiful sight, as the sunflower still holds sunflower seeds. I see on a daily bases where birds fly on to the sunflower heads and get the sunflower seeds out to eat.
To me even in death, the sunflowers bring something beautiful. As they provide nature a way to eat.
So, are you up for the challenge of sharing a beautiful sight?
Photo taken by and © belongs to rusty2rusty.

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