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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov. 10th - Things I am thankful for Nov 10th

I am very thankful today was a good day all the way around.
I am thankful I was able to babysit my grandson while his mom went on an interview.
I am thankful I was able to see my grandson roll over for the first time. (He had done it for his mom. It was the first time I seen him roll over).
I am thankful I was able to make my grandson smile.
I am thankful my mom came and picked me up for a bit tonight.
I am thankful dinner for the whole family went well at the Chinese in the mall.
I am thankful my daughter was happy and I seen her smiling tonight.
I am thankful my boyfriend comes up behind me, out of the blue, when I am typing on the computer to give me a kiss.
Photo found through a search on Pixabay for thankful.

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