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Monday, October 27, 2014

Paw Print and Plucked Feathers

A pulsing tale with plenty of panic and practical jokes. What is the lesson of the story?

Here's the story :

The werewolf was on the prowl outside the party. He was hungry and hunting for the mystical parrot.
The plucky pig told him how the parrot was playing practical jokes on everyone.
The parrot got the pirate to dunk the werewolf in a big patch of pickle juice. Everyone but the werewolf laughed.
The parrot maybe a prankster. However, the werewolf is no longer a pathetic poser.
As he preys the parrot. To pluck and purge the prankster from the pool.
As the werewolf turns the corner. He runs right in to the parrot. The parrot was petrified with fear.
As the werewolf plucked the parrots feathers one by one. Threw the parrot in a pickled pepper pumpkin.
The werewolf used a pitchfork to roast the parrot over an open fire. before he devoured his meal.
Only thing left at the burning fire pit was a paw print and plucked feathers.
-The End.
How many Halloween theme "P" words can you use to create a story? Not sure, here are some words to start out with :
Pig, pumpkin, pie, party, phantom, pirate, pitchfork, prank, potion, prankster, prince, princess, pretend, poltergeist, pet, petrify, pendant, pentagram, purple, prowl, psychic, psychiatrist, posers, posses, pray, premeditation, prey, premonition, panic, paralyze, pathetic, parched, perched, parrot, pluck, paw, puck, prowl, profound, purge, prick, prickly, pickle, pool, practical jokes, paranormal, psychopath

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