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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Many Halloween Words Can You Come Up That Starts With I?

I made a list of words with a Halloween them that start with the letter "I". I also created short story as my attempt to write a story with Halloween theme "I" words :

Imp, imitate, irate, infect, influence, insects, incredible, ill, illness, infest, inhuman, invade, itch, irritating, intriguing, ice, icy, isolate, insane, invisible
I could not think as many 'I' words compared to the others. I will try my best to write a short story or phrase.
"The insects thought they were invisible hiding behind the walls. As they invade and infest neighboring houses as their family grows. The insects cause you to itch and pass on illnesses. You feel isolated as no one wants to visit an insect and imp filled home. What are you going to do besides become irate? Surely you will go insane if you don't pick up the phone and call the insect patrol. There number is 888-888-8888. Call now." 

That is all I can think of right now.
I challenge you to come up with a short, story, poem or phrase using anywhere from 5 to 10 words of Halloween words that begin with the letter 'I'.

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