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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cleaning And Organizing Is A Must

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Last night I burned a bunch of cardboard boxes, papers, an old desk broken to pieces and wood laying around out back. I was able to get a big area cleared out. Earlier this week I was going through my shed. I was selling some things off of my ex's. Plus, giving my brother and his dad a bunch of stuff I have no use for. Nor want to deal with trying to sell. They have a shop where the items would be more useful. I'd rather the items go to someone who can use them. Instead of having a reminder sitting in my shed I don't want to deal with.

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I swept the leaves off the cement today. Lol, I know I need to rake the leaves from the yard otherwise they will be on the cement again. I swept them into a pile for now. Later I will end up burning them as well.
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Clean a bunch up in the kitchen. My daughter thinks she can start something and not have to clean up after herself at all. An example: She cut the watermelon in half. She scooped part of the watermelon out. Left everything on the stove. Including her mess from the watermelon juices, utensils she used, and rinds. Didn't even put the other half of the watermelon in the fridge or cover it up with plastic wrap. I literally have to go in the kitchen after she leaves it to clean it up.
Picture from Pixabay, a free use image sharing website.
Not just her but all the teens have been slacking. I was hoping to have things organized and me on my way to painting the walls in the kitchen for a crisp clean feel by now. I started to organize more last night because I couldn't sleep.
Things I Have Done To Clean And Organize My Kitchen

1. I took the old metal shelves out. Since someone bent one of the legs.
2. I replaced it with a smaller shelf that has less room. I placed a plastic tote to add all the snacks, crackers and things like that.
3. I also have a box on top of that with my extra can goods I don't have room for in my cupboard space.

4. I cleaned up all the trash that had fallen under or was kicked under the table. It was empty boxes and an empty milk jug.
5. I have a box of things I want to get rid of on the first big trash day. Mainly broken items or things we no longer use. It will stay there for now unless I can talk one of the teens to take it to the shed.
6. I took the recycling out to the recycling bin.
7. I picked up towels, a sock, and two shirts and placed them in the dirty clothes basket in the laundry room.
8. I swept the floor.

I am not done yet. I need to mop the floor, clear the table off, take a few things to the shed, and wipe all the counters and stove off.

Do you have any cleanup or organization projects going on?

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Having Issues With Natural Balance Duck & Pea Cat Food?

There isn't an official recall or anything. Just a friendly warning to pet owners to be cautious when buying pet food online. Whether it is a new brand you haven't tried yet or one you have buying for years and wish to switch the source of where you buy it. Before buying check out reviews. If you see more negative than 5-star ratings, don't be surprised if your pet doesn't wind up sick or even worse dead if you decide to purchase it. 

Another important message I want to stress to all pet lovers out there. If you give your pet some food and they refuse to eat it, take note of it. Don't continue to force your pet to eat it. There is a reason they are turning their nose up to it. It's not because they are stubborn. Your pet is trying to tell you something. Pat attention and listen. 

If you are introducing new food to your pets, you need to do it little by little. You can't just switch just like that and think everything will be okay. What you do is mix some of the old brands you normally feed your pet with the new brand you plan to feed your pet. That way if there is a negative reaction it will be a small one and you can get it taken care of immediately. Small reactions can result in death if not taken care of immediately. 

Now I want to tell you about the Natural Balance Duck and Pea cat food. As it has come to my attention from a friend many cats are getting sick or dying from this product being purchased through Amazon. My friend decided to purchase the Natural Balance Duck and Pea cat food as her cat has allergies. The food was working great for about a year, till she decided to buy a case through Amazon.  She received the food earlier this month. Shortly afterward her cat started showing signs of a fever, became lethargic, and was near death. She rushed her cat to the vet where it ended up costing her over $1200 for treatment in the care of her cat. 

Upon hearing from my friend, I started a Google search for Natural Balance pet food to see if there were any recalls. I haven't noticed any recalls. I have noticed that the company was bought out several times. The most recent one by Smuckers. I am not sure if the switching in company owners is the problem or quality of ingredients was changed up to save money. Either way, before purchasing a new brand, do some research and see if other pets are having problems with the food. Just because there isn't a recall, it doesn't mean the food is safe for your pet. I can not stress nearly enough that you must do your research when buying pet food. It is no different than researching when you want to find a reliable second-hand car or looking for the best products when you're about to become a parent for the first time.

If you have an issue REPORT it. As you will be doing your pet, other pet owners and their pets a tremendous favor. The more people who report issues the faster a recall can be made. That is how it works

If your pet is experiencing issues with Natural Balance (any flavor) you can call the following number to make a report: 
Consumer report 1-866-270-4413 

4 Ways To Contact Natural Balance

1. Customer care team at Natural Balance 1-800-829-4493
Call Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

2. You can send them an email at

3. Write Natural balance at:
Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.
100 N. 1st Street, Suite 200
Burbank, CA 91502

4. Go straight to Natural Balance website and look for their contact page. It will say 'Contact Us'. Click on the following link to go straight there:

Have you had any issues with Natural Balance pet food or any other brand? Please, tell me your story.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cheesy Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

I have been eating a pickle and peanut butter sandwiches as far back as I can remember. I tried finding out when the sandwich was first created. The closest answer I found was during the Great Depression. It may go back further than that. I did find out Elvis Presley and Hemingway liked to eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. 
I love eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches so much that I added and mixed up the ingredients. The original peanut butter and pickle sandwich only had three ingredients. Which are Pickles, peanut butter and your choice of bread! I like to add cheese or turkey bacon. Sometimes I like to fry my sandwich to add a buttery taste on the outside of the bread.
One question I get asked a lot when eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches in front of friends is what kind of pickles do you use dill, sweet or bread n butter. The answer is simple. Use your favorite kind of pickle. I suggest trying different flavors of pickles to figure out which you like best.
This how I make a peanut butter and pickle sandwich:
The first thing I do is choose which kind of bread I will be using. I like the "Sandwich Skinnys", as they are thinner than most bread. 
Next, I spread a healthy serving of peanut butter on both slices of bread. The peanut butter holds the ingredients on to keep from falling out of the bread while eating.
Next, I add a slice of cheese. This slice of cheese is Gouda. Really any kind of cheese will do. Choose our favorite or what is available.  
Next, I add as many pickles as I can get on one layer. I top it with the other slice bread with peanut butter.
If I have turkey bacon, I will add it to the slice of cheese and peanut butter on the piece of bread.
Do you like eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches? How do you prepare your version?