Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bullying And Harassment Must Stop

My daughter has been being bullied for some time at school. My fiance' and I had contacted the school multiple times over the issue. Nothing seems to get done. Yesterday my daughter came home from school and tells us that she was sitting alone at lunch when someone threw a crumbled up condom box at her head. 

The principal did ask the students who threw it. Yet, the one who did would not speak. Nor would any of the other teenagers tell who did it. I guess one student finally spoke up by saying he did when he really didn't. As least that is what he is saying to the other students. How do I know? It was videoed taped and shared all over snap chat.

Bullying Must Stop

This has gone from straight bullying to harassing my daughter. A condom box steps up to the next level of sexual harassment. I am mad. I am beyond livid. This needs to stop.

We tried contacting the principal today. How convenient he was not able to answer. Everything had to be explained to the principal's secretary. Which I think is wrong and breaches privacy issues. Well, we left a message and told the secretary if we don't hear back by Monday from the principal we are going to file a report with the police. 

We were told there is a policeman right at the school that can take the report. Now I am wondering why something has not been done yet. 

I am tired of this. My daughter is a 16-year-old girl. Why must a condom box be thrown at her? Or anything for that matter?  She has ADHD and ODD. She has other issues. Yet, she doesn't deserve to be sexually harassed or bullied. Nor called the horrible names she has been called countless times. No child does.

Parents you need to teach your children not be bullies or sexual harass other students for any reason. If you haven't had that talk with your children yet. You need too. As my daughter doesn't deserve this. Neither does yours. 

Have you been harassed or bullied at school? Or know someone who has?

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