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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Polar Bears Do Not Hibernate

I would like to tell you about animal that thrives in the cold and snow – Polar Bears.
A male bear is called a boar weighing in around 770 lbs to 1,545 lbs. Whereas the female version is called a sow weighs about about half the size of a boar.
Polar bears are born on land but send most of their at sea. As they hunt seals as their main food source. From the edge of sea ice. When that is not available. They will live off their fat reserves. They have been seen climbing the edge of cliffs to get bird eggs and chicks to eat. They will get a narwhals or beluga whale if they come up for air at one of their breathing holes. Polar bears can smell so well that they can detect a seal a mile away under 3 feet of snow. Now that is a powerful sniff. Polar bear are one of two of the largest terrestrial carnivore bears alive today. When their main food source is not around. They will adapt to what they can they can savage.
Sometimes a Polar Bear with mate with a brown bear creating a hybrid. When the brown bear move further north looking for food and Polar bears move in land because of lack of food and ice to hunt seals. Thus the two meet. Neither bear is adapted to survive in each other’s environment.
Polar bears are insulated to protect them from the cold. they have at least 4 inches of blubber, their fur and hide. They do not shed their coat to get darker in warmer months when they move in land for lack of ice and food.
Polar bears are active all year around. With the exception of a pregnant female. They do not hibernate like other bears. Such as the brown or black bear.
Mating and court takes place on sea ice while they are hunting seals for food during April or May. A male can track a female for 60 miles. Sometimes fight break among the males to determine who will mate with a female. When the winner is established. The pair will mate in a course over a week’s time. Cubs are born between November and February blind weighing less than 2 lbs. Most litters consists of two cubs.
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    3 Ingredient Velveeta Cheese Dip

    My family enjoys a Velveeta Cheesy dip on their tortilla or corn chips as a snack or appetizer. This dish goes over well at BBQ's, tail gate parties, or watching our favorite sports event. 

    3 Ingredient Velveeta Cheese Dip Recipe

    1 block of Velveeta Cheese
    1 jar of peach mango salsa
    1 can of chili beans
    I start by cubing the Velveeta cheese up and add it to my crock pot. I pour the peach mango salsa over top of the cheese. I add the can of chili beans on top. I mix everything together. I place the crock pot on high for 2 to 3 hours. . I stir the mixture occasionally. Stirring is important. If you don't, your dip will be lumpy. You don't want that.
    When dip is complete, serve over corn chips or tortilla chips. Or place on the side of the corn or tortilla chips. That way the individual can dip the chips in the dip themselves.
    Photo ©SandyKS

      Did You Know This About The Praying Mantis

      I was lucky enough to get a photograph of a praying mantis that was sitting by my outside solar light above the backyard shed. I have been seeing an abundance of praying mantis recently. I live in the city, which is strange to see so many of this beautiful creatures. I know autumn is their time to lay eggs. Maybe she is looking for a good place to lay her eggs.
      I can remember being a teenager when my younger sisters brought in a praying mantis egg sac. My mom had no idea the girls brought it in their room. One day the egg sac hatched. There was hundred's of little praying mantis all over my sister's room. My mom used the vacuum to sweep them up. Afterwards she took them outside and emptied the vacuum. Which released all the praying mantis outside in to their natural habitat. 
      Praying mantis only live a year. Lay their eggs and die. Occasionally the female will kill the male before or during mating. 
      That Praying mantis was once thought to have super powers by early civilians, including Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Assyria.
      The scariest thing about praying mantis is that their closet relatives are cockroaches and termites.
      Praying mantis is the most kept insect as a pet.
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